Mark J. Dalton


Mark has served as President of HEIN since Spring 2014, and is responsible for creating, communicating and implementing the company’s vision, mission and overall direction.


A self-proclaimed non-academic, Mark gained his knowledge of construction through hands-on experience in the industry. An entrepreneur in spirit, Mark had already founded two small construction and renovation companies before joining HEIN (then known as Mueller-Hein Corporation) as a site superintendent at the age of 24.


After nine years of working for HEIN, and working his way up to being a project manager and a minority shareholder, Mark chose to leave the company to pursue other career interests, which included founding and operating Ontario Rental and Supply, an equipment rental and sales company servicing Eastern Ontario. In 2014, after Roland Hein, co-founder of HEIN, passed away, Mark joined with the then-employee shareholders of the company to continue the operations of the business and to expand its growth within Ontario.